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Try on your designer jeans in store to get the correct size, before buying cheaper online.
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Voi Jeans

Natural Selection Noah Gamma JeansVoi Jeans Voi Jeans is a British brand of jeans, founded in 1988 in Preston, Lancashire. The brand sells a range of casual jeans wear for men and women. For men, the brand sells denim jeans, joggers, t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, knitwear, chinos and accessories. For women, Voi sells denim jeans, shirts, dresses, vest, jogging suits, jackets, knitwear and accessories. The range of men's jeans is much larger than the range of women's jeans.

Voi Jeans has a flagship store - not in London, but in Preston, where the brand began. The store is situated in Preston's Miller Arcade. Of course, the brand is also sold as a concession in other retail outlets including Bank and Footasylum.

You can also buy the entire range at Voi Jeans online.

Current Season Jeans

Women's Jeans

The jeans pictured above right are four pairs of jeans from the Voi women's jeqans collection. The styles are, from left to right, top to bottom: Lady Shearco Chino Combats, Lady Delima Dark Wash Cuffed Denim, Courted Ladies 5 Pocket Denim and Samia Ladies 7 Pocket Chino. I particularly like the Voi Courted Ladies 3 pocket denim jeans. Available in sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14, the jeans have stud fastening flap pockets to the back, with the distinctive Voi logo and brand label to the waistband.

Voi Jeans - MensMen's Jeans

The jeans pictured on the left are from the Voi men's jeans collection. There are far more jeans styles for men than there are for women on the site, so I have just pictured a small subset of the styles available. They are, from top to bottom, left to right: Concorde Light Wash Swirl Jeans, Matsue Front Mustaching Jean Blue, Otsu Blue Twisted Jeans and Tornado Blue Six Pocket Jeans.

Where can I buy Voi Jeans online?

You can buy them directly from the Voi Jeans Website, where the entire range is available for purchase directly online. It's easy to select clothes in your size and there is also and Outfits and Looks section on the site to give you some style inspiration.

Voi Jeans are UK based, and offer world wide delivery.