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Uniqlo UJ

Uniqlo UJuniqlo-uj-boyfriend-jeansUniqlo is a Japanese casual clothes manufacturing company that was founded in Japan in 1984. Uniqlo have recently launched a new brand of jeans - Uniqlo UJ, which are made from Japanese denim.

Fashionistas and denim affectionados the world over know that for denim spinning, vintage treatment and cotton-blending Japan is the indisputable world leader. Until now, premium Japanese denim has been restricted to the high end brands such as Rock and Republic. However, now Uniqlo have launched the UJ brand. UJ stands for "ultimate jeans", and these premium Japanese denim jeans are now available at prices that everyone can afford. UJ offers a wide variety of different cuts, styles, washes and finishes, and the UJ jeans collection is dedicated to creating jeans that are a happy combination of fashion and the perfect fit, made from the finest Japanese denim available.

Uniqlo UJ jeans are split into four different price brackets:

£49.99 & 59.99 These "Made in Japan" jeans are the premium Uniqlo UJ jeans and are made completely in Japan. They feature premium denim fabric from Kaihara (the Japanese denim mill which is globally renowned by denim aficionados), and exhibit rugged detailing and stitching, with hand ageing and manual vintage finishing by experienced denim craftsmen, ensuring that no two pairs of these jeans are exactly the same. The combination of Japanese technology, the craftsmanship, the material used and the style and cut of the Made In Japan collection makes these jeans the finest quality imaginable.

£29.99 The denim in the £29.99 jeans collection are also made using Japanese technology and craftsmanship. They have an authentic used look due to the technology used for dying, detailing and finishing the jeans. This is shown particularly well in the new season jeans, such as the Super Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans in a chemical (stone) wash finish. Also check out the gorgeous boyfriend jeans (pictured right) that are available in light blue, mid blue and dark blue washes.

£19.99 Again, high quality fabric is used for this range. Check out the Skinny Fit tapered women's jean in 15 different colours, and the Relax Fit Straight jeans for men in four new washes.

£14.99 The jeans in this range are made from 100% cotton, and are a lightweight summer alternative to heavier denim jeans. These jeans are available in 12 colours for women in the Skinny Coloured jeans line and eight colours for men in the Regular Fit Straight jeans line.

New Jeans Lines Launched Monthly

From April 2010, UJ will be releasing new ranges of jeans to reflect the current trends, ensuring that their jeans collections are always bang up to date. Styles for women include Boyfriend Shorts, Coloured Cropped Skinny Jeans, Slouch Tapered Jeans, Peg-Top Cropped Jeans together with denim dungarees, dresses and skirts. Styles for men include Skinny Fit Zip Jeans, Skinny Fit Biker Jeans, and Slim Fit Straight Check Jeans, which will be in the £29.99 price bracket.

Where are the best places to buy Uniqlo UJ jeans online?

The best place to buy the Uniqlo jeans online is directly from the Uniqlo online store. You can use the following link:

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