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PRPS jeans with different coloured buttons on flyNudie Jeans logo PRPS jeans make jeans for men and women that draw their inspiration from details found in authentic military uniforms, workwear and hunting clothing. This is distinguished with characteristics such as a folded back pocket. Other distinguishing features of PRPS jeans include different coloured buttons on the fly, a contrast pocket lining (sometimes camouflage) and a purple tab on the back pocket.

PRPS jeans are a luxury jeans brand from New York, which were founded by Donwan Harrell, who was previously a PRPS folded back pocket detaildesigner at Nike. For Donwan, PRPS is a labour of love. Using the highest quality African cotton, which is woven into denim in Japan on vintage American looms from the 1960s, Donwan's aim is the pursuit of authentic vintage washes. "Bruised, never broken" is their motto. Manufacturing jeans on the vintage looms uses more denim and is hence a more expensive process than using modern day looms. However, the vintage looms produce a stronger edge to the jeans providing them with a completely authentic vintage appearance.

prps purple tag on pocketThe distressing process of the jeans is painstaking. Every stain, nick, cut and abrasion is produced by hand to reproduce real wear. In this regard, no two pairs of PRPS jeans are the same, and each pair of jeans is individually numbered.

Whilst primarily a brand of jeans for men, PRPS jeans launched a range of jeans for women in New York in September 2008, and these jeans arrived in the UK, Europe and Asia early in 2009.

The acronym PRPS stands for purple products, as purple is the brand colour used for labels and packaging. It is also thought to be short for "purpose", as a lot of time and effort is put into creating the jeans.

Celebrities wearing PRPS Jeans

Celebrities have been seen out and about in the US wearing their PRPS jeans including Keanu Reeves (he was also wearing a beard at the time - lose the beard, Keanu!), Katie Holmes (who was spotted wearing PRPS boyfriend jeans at Disneyland with her daughter Suri, after which time the jeans sold out!), Victoria Beckham and the gorgeous Mr Brad Pitt, all the more gorgeous without that moustache he has taken to wearing recently.

PRPS Jeans Stockists

It has been difficult to locate stockists of PRPS jeans in the UK, although Harvey Nichols stocks the brand at all its branches. There are a number of online stores where you can buy PRPS jeans though - see below.

prps purple tagWhere can I buy PRPS Jeans online?

You can buy them at:

All of the above stores, although UK based, deliver internationally.