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Pepe JeansPepe Jeans KalenThe casual Pepe Jeans denim style was founded by three brothers from London in 1973. Their fundamental ambition was to create a quality designer jeans label capable of becoming a global success.

Pepe Jeans Kids SweatshirtTheir hard work and determination paid off, and by 1980, Pepe Jeans had become one of the most popular US Jeans brands ever. Today Pepe Jeans are sold in over 40 countries across the world. They are particularly prized for the legendary fit of their denim wear and they are remembered for their marketing campaigns, which have included several collaborations with famous celebrities and photographers, and also models posing in Pepe Jeans clothes. 

The casual Pepe Jeans denim style is a style for young, urban and trendy people inspired by the big city life. Besides the Denim wear ranges for men and women, Pepe Jeans also has a streetwear line with shirts, jackets, dresses, shoes and accessories.

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