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NYDJ - Not Your Daughter's Jeans - (the original tummy tuck jeans)

NYDJ  jeansNYDJNYDJ - Not Your Daughter's Jeans - alternatively known as "tummy tuck jeans", are jeans that have been specifically designer to make your tummy look slimmer and sleeker when you're wearing jeans. Not Your Daughter's Jeans flatten your tummy and at the same time lift your bottom. You may find that you wear a size smaller in these jeans than you do your regular jeans. Most women do. Real women with real curves wear Not Your Daughter's Jeans to look and feel their best.

Suitable for all body types, Not Your Daughter's Jeans slim the lower abdomen, shape the hips and lift the bottom without being uncomfortable, or feeling tight and restrictive. No longer will you experience the misery of love handles that ooze out over tight waistlines. No longer will you be wearing jeans that display your bottom to whoever may be stood behind you when you bend forwards. Not Your Daughter's Jeans are soft, super comfortable and feel more like track suit bottoms than smart jeans. So how do they achieve all this? The secret is in the special "crisscross" front panel design, teamed with extra stretch in the rear.

NYDJ embroidered skinny jeansNot Your Daughter's Jeans are designed by a lady called Lisa Rudes-Sandel. Lisa had always worked in the denim industry, and once she reached her middle years, she struggled to find a pair of jeans that would flatter her. "Nobody was making jeans for women," she said. Lisa was in good shape, but nevertheless could not find any jeans to suit her figure. "Everything was very young. They were either made small or were running small or they lacked shape. I didn’t want to show my knickers every time I bent over." Lisa Rudes-Sandel is the daughter of George Rudes, the founder of Saint Germain jeans. So with her father's backing and the help of her sister, Leslie, Lisa founded Not Your Daughter's Jeans in 2003.

The biggest problem they had to solve was, how to make the jeans do what they wanted them to do without making them into a restrictive corset. Lisa's father was called out of retirement and his expertise was sought. One of the answers was to make Not Your Daughter's Jeans with four percent Lycra in the denim, instead of the more standard two percent. The extra lycra makes the jeans mobile and comfortable. However, the "piéce de resistance" is the tummy tucking effect. This is achieved by the type of denim weaving, which has been patented. The patented design limits the stretch in the front but also gives the rear a lift. The jeans fit comfortably and remain comfortable, but nevertheless allows the majority of women to wear one or two sizes smaller than normal.

"Even though I work out, I’ve never had a flat tummy," says Rudes-Sandel. "For women who have had kids, that area is very hard to get back in shape. But you want that flat-tummy look in jeans."

The jeans are available in a number of different fits including straight leg, flare, 9" rise; petites and plus sizes and three washes - midnight, light and dark, plus a range of different colours.

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