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max mara coats and jeansMax Mara LogoMax Mara is Italy's largest privately owned fashion house, specialising in a range of ladies' apparel. It was launched in 1951 by Achille Maramotti, from Reggio Emilia in Italy. The Max Mara jeans (see right) are a great example of a quality garment with timeless appeal. Max Mara are best known for their Max Mara Coats, and even though this is a jeans website, one cannot mention Max Mara without talking about coats.

Max Mara designs are classic and change little with passing seasons and trends. For example, one of their best selling designs, the cashmere double breasted camel coat, first appeared in shops in 1983, yet still sells thousands every year. It's a fact that over half a million women around the world own one. Each coat goes through 73 stages of production in the Max Mara factory to ensure they are perfect by the time they reach the consumer.

Max Mara Gaberdine CoatThe success of the brand, according to those in the know, is that a few pieces provide the building blocks for an entire wardrobe, which can be mixed and matched with the current season's trends whilst complementing them sublimely. The quality of the fabrics teamed with just a few subtle modern touches means that you can wear Max Mara anyway and everywear. Of course, they don't come cheap - you can expect to pay anything from just over £300 to nearly £1500 for a Max Mara coat. However, as a wardrobe staple you will be amply rewarded for your expenditure.

The gorgeous coat on the left is a Max Mara gaberdine coat / mac, which is available in UK sizes 8-16. If you like opulence, luxury and elegance all rolled into one, then this is definately the coat for you. Even if you don't have time to dress as smartly underneath the coat, wearing this timeless creation will ensure that you exude elegance and confidence (and envy from others) wherever you go. Spoil yourself!