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lips jeansLips jeans pocket tagLips Jeans were created by Loren Cronk and Daniel Donahue in Brooklyn. The design influences are principally retro, taking styling from the 1970s and updating it for today's market. Styles are generally high waisted because of the seventies influence. Some styles, such as Collette, feature amazing 1970s flares. The material used is generally 98% cotton, 2% elastane, and length is generally 34". In the UK, the jeans cost around £154 and can be found sometimes be found online at Matches Fashion.

Lips Jeans - Collette, featuring 1970s flaresLoren Cronk's previous experience was designing creative for Levis, whereas Dan Donahue was an artist, creating artwork for album covers. It is interesting to note that Levis took Lips Jeans to court for trademark infringement due to the position of the Lips tag on the jeans pocket, known as the tab. Using this position for a jeans tag has been patented by Levis. Levis have pursued legal action against another jeans manufacturer, Chapter 4 Corp trading as Supreme, again for infringement of the tab trademark.

On the left are Lips "Collette" style, showing the typical high waisted and flared style evoking groovy memories from the seventies. Now where are my platform heels and psychedilic scarf?