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GoldsignGoldSign Silvie Ultra Flare JeansAdriano Goldschmied is the founder of GoldSign jeans, a range of designer jean made from top quality "premium" denim. Adriano Goldschmied is very experienced in the denim world. He set up AG jeans - which are named after his initials, and he also worked for Diesel jeans.

GoldSign Passion JeansGoldSign jeans are beautifully made, with intricate gold detailing and just enough stretch in them to provide the perfect fit. With 35 years experience in the denim industry, Adriano Goldschmied's GoldSign jeans are loved by both consumers and celebrities alike.

Celebs who have been seen wearing GoldSign jeans include Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Kristin Davis - Kate Hudson wore them when she was modelling for an article in Elle magazine.

GoldSign premium denim jeans have been individually created to tick all the boxes. Goldschmied's technical expertise has created jeans that:

Goldsign Starlette 9 Rise JeanBrand new techniques have been created to produce GoldSign jeans, including revolutionary hand wash techniques to give jeans a true feeling of age - as though they have been passed down through the generations. The techniques used make each pair unique. These are jeans that you will really, really like. Speaking from experience, I doubt that one pair will be enough.

Where can I buy GoldSign jeans online?

The best places online are Question Air , who have a great range of GoldSign jeans including the Passion, Starlette and Sylvie ultra flare jeans pictured on this page, Selfridges who have skinny jeggings, Elan, Slim Wally and many other styles, and Donna Ida, who have a most extensive range and offer free delivery on orders over £150.

Question Air is UK based, but worldwide delivery is available. Donna Ida are UK based but deliver to all of the EU. Selfridges deliver to the UK only.