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Faith Connexion Jeans

Faith Connexion Jeans Faith Connexion is a French Fashion House based in Paris and the designs are created by the same design team as the famous Balmain. Faith Connexion designs tend to be more "rock'n'roll" with the emphais on metallics, prints and glitter to make their jeans look a little more out of the ordinary. However, the brand isn't just jeans; the range also includes leather jackets, dresses, blouses and tailored pants.

The brand is relatively new, the first collection being for the Autumn Winter 2011 season. It is said of the brand that it is "pure Left Bank cool with an urban twist".

Ilan Delouis is the founder of the brand and its designer and he is in partnership with Christophe Bosc manages and develops the brand.

Faith Connexion designes combine style and sex appeal, giving a rock and roll edge to a chic look. The emphasis is on elegant fabrics and sophisticated detail.

The Collection

Three pairs of jeans for the current collection are pictured at the top right of this page. They are the:

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Which celebrities wear Faith Connexion Jeans?

Faith Connexion Jeans have been seen on Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens, amongst others.