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Evisu seagull pocket emblemEvisu Logo Evisu is a Japanese brand of jeans and t-shirts that was established in Osaka, Japan in 1991. Evisu brand jeans usually have a seagull insignia on the jeans pocket, in a coloured "paint", or foil. Occasionally, the gull will not appear on the pocket, but somewhere else on the jeans, such as across the bottom and down the legs. It always appears somewhere. The creator of the Evisu brand is Hidehiko Yamane, who loved vintage clothing so much that he decided to replicate the procedure of manufacturing vintage jeans – a process that hadn’t been performed for more than 40 years. Now, with this old fashioned technique, Evisu can produce just 14 pairs of these jeans per day.

Evisu jeans started life as a labour of love, but the authentic vintage jeans are so beautiful that they became very popular with the fashion conscious Japanese. The success has now expanded the range to include jeans, t-shirts and tops for both men and women, and skirts. Incidentally, Evisu, in Japanese, is the Japanese Shinto God of money. Hopefully on this page, we will help you to save money and still be able to buy these lovely jeans.

Characteristics of Evisu jeans

Because the denim is woven on the old-fashioned looms, Evisu jeans have a loose weave and therefore shrink when washed. Therefore, you need to buy Evisu jeans in a waist size two inches larger than normal. The wash-wear cycle involving the repeated stretching and shrinking of the jeans gives them a character unique to the wearer. The jeans have a relaxed fit around the thighs, so even when sized to fit perfectly they should still feel roomy. Some people wear the jeans on the hips with the legs rolled up, and this has become known as the "Evisu style".  The majority of Evisu clothing is embellished with the trademark seagull, although some items are printed with an image of the Japanse fishing god or with Kanji characters.

Where can I buy Evisu jeans online?

evisu jeans foil gull

Great suppliers include:

Evisu Jeans themselves sell their stock online, directly. There are sometimes reductions available, and certainly you will be able to find the entire range of Evisu clothing online. The choice is fabulous.