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Earl Jean

Earl Jean - skinny, low waisted, boot cutEarl Jeans logoThe Earl Jean brand was created by Suzanna Costas in 1996. Previously, Suzanna had worked as a TV and film stylist. Earl Jean produced the original low waisted jeans, which other companies have followed in their thousands. Earl Jeans were typically low waisted, slim legged and boot cut. In 2002, Earl Jean made jeans for men aswell.

The Earl Jean brand was first sold in the Fred Segal store in Santa Monica, California. Subsequently, the brand was sold across the world in boutiques and high end department stores, such as Harvel Nichols in the UK and Saks 5th Avenue in New York.

In 2001, Suzanna Costas sold the Earl Jean Brand to Nautica Enterprises, Inc for $86 million (about £47 million). However, since the sale the Earl Jean brand started losing market share, probably due to the large number of competing brands of low waisted jeans. Their loss of favour appears similar to the decline in favour of Levi's Jeans, which were once the market leader. With so much competition in the jeans market and new designer brands appearing all the time, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the game.

In 2005, the Earl Jean brand ultimately folded. However, now in Autumn 2008 it has been resurrected by Arnold Simon, former CEO of Calvin Klein Jeans. Earl Jean will initially be on sale in the US but expect their arrival in the UK during the next few months.