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Dylan George

Dylan GeorgeDylan George JeansDylan George is a premium collection of denim jeans that was launched by denim supremo Danny Guez in New York in 2008. Dylan George jeans are special because they are made not only from the highest quality denim in the world, but they fit in an ultraflattering and fashionable manner. In addition, great attention is paid to the finish of the jeans, including the hand finishing of many styles.

GoldSign Passion JeansDanny Guez says of his brand: “Dylan George allows my freedom and creativity to come together, blending my passion for art and respect for commerce. This is a lifestyle brand that draws its essence from Europe, but is clearly stamped in California.”

One of the things that sets Dylan George jeans apart from other premium jeans is the authentic washes. Guez says that it is easy to make a pair of jeans that “looks good” but “feeling good” is the key. Using only premium fabric and a European fit, the Dylan George brand creates jeans that are authentic, vintage-inspired washes - yet at an affordable price. Each and every pair fits perfectly and with the range of washes available, you can go for either a smart or a casual look.

Which celebrities wear Dylan George jeans?

Celebs who have been seen out and about in their Dylan George Jeans include Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff.

Dylan George Mae Skinny Dew Drop Jeans

Where can I buy Dylan George Jeans online?

The best places in the UK are Trilogy who have a small range of Dylan George jeans online.

Trilogy is based in the UK but offers international delivery.