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DVB by Victoria Beckham

twenty8twelve boyfriend jeansDVB jeans logoDVB by Victoria Beckham is a fashion brand designed and created by the former Spice Girl. At the forefront of the range are the DVB jeans, but Victoria has added to this brand with a small range of designer dresses which have been well received. DVB jeans tend to be of the style that Mrs Beckham prefers - skinny and low waisted.

Victoria Beckham wearing pink DVB jeansDVB jeans are made with high quality denim, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. The emblem on the back pocket is either of a star or a DVB signature. The star is more distinctive and noticeable, and the versions embellished with crystals are even more appealing. The crystals come in many colours, including clear, purple and bronze. Some styles have studs on the pocket and not crystals. Lots of celebities wear the DVB brand including Naomi Campbell, Kate Beckinsale and, of course, David Beckham.

There has been some negative press surrounding the DVB brand, but this is largely to be expected when anyone famous attempts a change in direction in their career.

dvb clear crystalsDVB jeans are expensive, generally selling in the UK for anything from £200 upwards, although I would imagine at that price you are likely to get big reductions on them during the sales, and the canny buyer will no doubt be able to get them for £100 or less. However, you should be wary of buying fakes. As with all expensive designer brands, fakes from the Far East can appear - not in department stores and reputable websites, but more likely in markets and online auction sites, so be careful. If the jeans look too good to be true - then they may well be fake.