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Diesel JeansDiesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, an Italian fashion designer, in conjunction with several other manufacturers. However, in 1985, Rosso bought out the other manufacturers to become the sole owner, and since this time the company has done extremely well. In 1996, Renzo Rosso received an award for being the "Best Italian Company of the Year", and he was nominated by Ernst and Young in 1997 as "Entrepreneur of the Year".

Diesel Jeans ClushDiesel Jeans KycutDiesel manufactures quality casual clothing for men, women and children, including jeans, skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, t-shirts, tops, shirts, jackets, sweaters, underwear, shoes, bags, wallets and belts, although it is perhaps for their jeans that the company has received the most acclaim. Indeed, young celebrities including Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have been seen wearing the brand.

Diesel is now a multinational company, with a presence in over 80 countries throughout the world. Diesel owns more than 50 Diesel boutiques, and in addition the brand is frequently on sale in independently owned designer boutiques and high end department stores alike. The designers who work for Diesel, headed up by Creative Director Wilbert Das, are given much freedom to creative innovative styles, and are encouraged to be openminded and embrace the stylistic freedom that is afforded to them.

Where can I buy Diesel jeans online?

Diesel Jeans WonnhaDiesel Jeans KeateDiesel jeans and clothing is widely available online, some of my favourite online stores are listed below: