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Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday jeansCheap Monday JeansCheap Monday is a Swedish brand of jeans for women and men which features punk rock styling, tight fits, jazzy designs and an affordable price tag. There has been some controversy over the brand's logo - a satanic style skull with an upside cross on its forehead. The logo appears as a label on the waistband at the back of the jeans. Nevertheless, the jeans are still a hot commodity, and sales are booming across Europe, in what is currently quite a depressed market.

Cheap Monday skinny jeans with spotsThe Cheap Monday brand was founded in January 2005, by friends Orjan Andersson, Adam Friberg and Lasse Karlsson together with Sanna Atldax, Karl Grandin and Bjorn Atldax. The philosophy of the brand is to offer the consumer top quality designer jeans, shirts and t-shirts at a cheap price. They want to see their jeans marketed alongside the more expensive brands, in nice stores (and websites). They want their jeans to be compared side to side with high-end brands, so you can really appreciate their quality and value and come to love the jeans for their style and presence - and not just for their price.

Cheap Monday cropped paper bag jeansThe Cheap Monday brand has been a big hit, and is now available in 28 countries and more than a thousand stores across the world.



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